23 June 2015

What if they are wrong?

Read an article today that got me thinking. Sharing the first paragraph of the article here. Hope you'll head over to the Jewish Press to read the entire article. It's worth reading and the question the article asks is worth thinking about, no matter what you think about the Israel / Palestine situation.
With the BDS movement gaining momentum, many on the Israeli Left are increasing their calls for negotiations under the premise of a two-state solution. In their minds, the two-state solution is the only practical solution that could end the international isolation of Israel and lead to peace. But in the midst of the exhausted political ping-pong of whether or not the two-state solution is actually viable, the most important question often goes unasked – what if they are wrong?
Source: What if they are wrong? | The Jewish Press | 22 June 2015

Now, whether you went and read the article or not - and I hope you did, it's worth reading - do yourself a favour and use your imagination. Just for a moment, imagine you're living in Israel. Imagine you spent the summer of 2014 being bombarded by rockets, running to shelters, waiting for the siren to sound, hoping that just for a day, the rocket attacks against your country would stop. Imagine worrying about your friends, family members and loved ones. Imagine knowing that while you made it safely to a shelter, you worry about your son or daughter, your brother or sister, your mother or father, your cat or your dog, your new guitar, your home, your car. A rocket doesn't care about who you are, it doesn't decide not to hit you because you're waving a white flag. A rocket simply comes and strikes.

Do you live with neighbours who want to kill you, hurt you, even destroy you? Israelis do. Of course they also have many neighbours who simply want to live in peace, want their children to grow up, want to be safe and happy, want the fighting to end, want peace and safety and security for all people - Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Muslims and Christians and Druze and people of all other nations, regions, countries and religions.

I hope that one day, Israelis and Palestinians will live in peace, side by side, as neighbours and friends, classmates and colleagues, brothers and sisters. I hope that one day, we will all live in a world where people do not want to kill other people, where we value life and love over death and destruction. If you want to help the people of Israel, if you want to help the people of Palestine, help make that world a reality. Help make peace a reality. Help by being part of the solution, by promoting peace, understanding and love over terror, distrust and hatred.